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The annual bridge Festival in Stara Zagora 2013 comes to an end

06.10.2013 / 00:00

One of the most significant bridge events in Bulgaria comes to an end  - the Stara Zagora tournament.

One more time the Festival combines the international Balkaniada Stara Zagora 2013 - 7th edition, as well as the Open Pairs and Open Teams Tournament. 

During the whole tournament the most dominant team among the 12 participants was that of Shato Rosenovo (Nicola Barantiev - Nicolay Dyankov - Ivan Peichev - Antoni Ivanov). They grabbed the title deservedly, beating team Radkov (Trendafilov Tenev - Andonov Tiholov) 36-20 at the final. More details about the other results you can find here - тук. Congratulations to our young players Mark Andonov and Todor Tiholov for reaching the final.

One of the pairs of our leading team in the last years (K1 Team), Diana Damyanova and Victor Aronov won the 2-session Open Pairs tournament with a massive lead. Congratulations! You can find all the results here -  тук.

The Open Teams tournament was totally dominated by the team TITAN 2 (Vladimir Mihov - Georgi Karakolev - Hristo Ivanchev - Julian Stefanov), which ended the qualification rounds leading the second by match and a half. The final four was completed with the teams Boro Bos (Stoycho Bosev - Dimo Zhelyazkov - Grozyo Donev - Zhivko Draganov), НС1-К (Serbia), Center (Ivan Tsonchev - Vladimir Marashev - Ivan Radev - Grozdan Rusinov). TITAN 2 won the final four also -  the semi against Boro Bos and the final against Center. Congratulations to the prize winners. All the results you can find here - тук


Photos: Pancho Panev