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8-ми Световен онлайн дамски бридж фестивал, Април 2015

09.03.2015 / 00:00

The World Bridge Federation and Bridge Base (BBO) present the



To be held from 13th – 19th April 2015


A wonderful opportunity for women players of all ranks and from all over the world to make new Friends and enjoy an exciting bridge competition in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Players from all the WBF Zones are invited to participate in Pairs and Individual Championships

Date:                      13th – 19th April   (from Monday to Sunday)

Tournaments:      Two pairs, two Individual and two Individual Robot Duplicate tournaments every day

Time shedule:      11.00 - 14.30 - 16.10 - 20.00 - 00.00 – 03.00 European Time (CET)

                              05.00 – 08.30 - 10.10 – 14.00 – 18.00 – 21.00 New York Time (EST)

                              21.00 – 00.30 - 02.10 – 06.00 – 10.00 – 13.00 New South Wales, Australia

Format:                10 boards for each tournament.

Master Points:      WBF Online Masterpoints, as specified at www.wbfmasterpoints.org/WOLP.asp

                              BBO Masterpoints

Certificates of participation in the event, according to the classification to:

·        the first three in the individual

·        the first three in the robot individual

·        the first three in the Pairs

·        the first three in the overall

Overall Ranking:  The best 10 results obtained by a player will be used to determine the overall ranking (instead of taking into account all their results)

Prizes: This event provides a really enjoyable tournament for women of all ages and ranks, spread over the world, where they can come together and enjoy participating in a fun and challenging event, with some fun prizes ! As for the Spring festival, there will be spot "lucky"prizesand"trivia question" prizes as well as the main prize which is free entry to the European Women’s Pairs event for the overall winner and a partner of her choice. The Women’s Pairs Championship is to be held Tromso, Norway during the European Open Championships – see www.tromso2015.no for more information about this exciting Championship

 Overall Classification:

                                            1st                                      50 BBO $

                                            2nd                                     30 BBO $

                                            3rd                                      20 BBO $

                                            4th & 5th                          10 BBO $

                                            6th – 10th                        5 BBO $

                                            11th – 15th                      3 BBO $


And in addition for every tournament from the first to the very last there will be prizes in BBO $ based on the number of players taking part.


Entry Fee:                 every tournament will cost 1 BBO$


You can find more information on our Website : www.wbfwomensbridgeclub.org